Endorsement Process – Del Pilar for Central Committee

One central committee responsibility is to endorse candidates. I’ve cringed at some of these endorsements, and in fact, one reason I’m running is because of endorsed Republican Party candidates who’re #NeverTrump politicians.


Some tell me, “William, we must stick together! Once endorsed, we must back our candidates and help them! This is ironic, considering the history of these endorsed candidate’s public statements. However, the favorite I hear? “We’re not the enemy!”

I agree, but when I was at a central committee meeting and asked a candidate. “Where do you stand on President Trump?” Sure enough, after hemming and hawing, the candidate admitted they didn’t vote for Donald J. Trump, and the response proved they didn’t know how to handle that question.

It was also obvious they didn’t care for the president, yet wanted the endorsement and the resources that come with it, without having to support other Republicans. That wasn’t the first time we’ve witnessed that from “endorsed” candidates.


One reason we’ve lost the battle in California is that some Republicans believe they must be center-left. They shun traditional Republican values on the campaign trail. It’s become so ingrained; we’ve forgotten how to defend conservatism. It’s easy to do when you realize all the great Trump’s doing with Republican values.


The only way we’ll win this state back is to grow a spine, push back, and champion our conservative successes brought on because of President Trump. He’s done more for all Americans than any president since Ronald Reagan.

Instead of running from that, we must begin spreading our success – a booming economy, the lowest unemployment rate for Latinos/Hispanics, blacks, and Asians. If we did that, Republicans would find more receptive audiences that include NPP and moderate Democrat voters – including minorities!

Voters tired of taxes, fees, and the current socialist-Democrat party, but it’ll take years to regain what we lost, but we must start now and realize the long road ahead. How do I know? I’ve spoken to my brethren who give me puzzled looks because they’ve never heard it before!


The Republican Party doesn’t seem to understand how Latinos/Hispanics view politicians. We value those who project strength (all Americans do). Trump’s an easy example of that, but let’s look at 2012 – presidential candidate Mitt Romney versus President Barrack Hussein Obama. Obama projected strength and confidence regardless of all his failures. On the flip side, Romney flip-flopped on every issue. During the debates, with the upper hand, Romney didn’t have the instinct or spine to take Obama down.

It’s not surprising that President Trump is gaining support from more minorities than many realize. One reason is that he projects strength and confidence. We admire men and women with backbones who speak bluntly versus the “eloquence,” all mainstream media demand politicians articulate.


One goal we must strive for as a central committee – to help influence and drive these beliefs into the Republican Party. They may say they’re doing that, but I point to the wins and losses and lack of quality candidates as proof. Whatever they’re doing or think they’re doing, it’s failing. With every loss, they’re failing us!

My name is William Del Pilar, and I’m running for Republican Party Central Committee to help the GOP reach a base they’ve struggled with the past 35 years.

Vote Del Pilar, if you live in the 75th Assembly District Caucus and please visit my profile page for more information – http://bit.ly/2TimUEG.