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“Life is a journey…make it an adventure!”
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From military training to entrepreneurship, I’ve learned we can overcome any obstacle. Growing up in Panama, I saw the struggles of those living under dictators, so I value freedom and opportunities and believe in the power of determination and giving back. I have volunteered as an interpreter and teacher’s aide, served on the board of directors, worked as an activist, and was an elected politician.

The US Navy taught me to work with different level managers from various cultural backgrounds and to understand our country’s unique advantages. I learned responsibility, accountability, teamwork, and leadership.

The Alzheimer’s Association taught me entrepreneurship. Taking risks to maximize events and fundraisers while implementing technological advancements for the organization helped lead me to self-employment.

I founded one of the first fantasy sports companies. Despite limited resources, I helped shape the industry by offering B2B and B2C services, resulting in multiple revenue streams, numerous awards, and profitable growth.

I went on to co-found Grumblings Media, a conservative and libertarian platform for discussing the impact of politics, entertainment, and sports on culture, economy, and law. We plan to shape this industry, too.
William Del Pillar
Born and raised in a third-world country, I’ve learned that life is a journey, so make it an adventure. My experience as a grunt, supervisor, manager, leader, entrepreneur, and elected official has given me a distinct perspective and mindset. It inspires others to discover their way and achieve success.
William has a diverse background that allows him to create engaging podcasts. He explores how events affect our cultures by discussing and debating topics related to sports, entertainment, and politics. He infuses humor and his Latino emotional passion to give a high-energy vibe to his conversations. Most of his discussions come from his life experiences, which sometimes offer a politically incorrect but factual perspective.
I am a co-founder of Grumblings Media, which is a platform that discusses the impact of politics, entertainment, and sports on culture, economy, and law. Our platform is focused on conservative and libertarian views. As a conservative Latino, I aspire to challenge false narratives, engage in debates, and grow the conservative minority base. Our goal is to have a similar impact on politics as I had on the fantasy sports industry as a pioneer.

My podcasts discuss politics and its relationship with pop culture and sports.
“Points on the Board” (sports); “Fired Up!” (politics); and “Red, White, and RUDE!” (pop culture)

Denying Joe Biden has Dementia and the Reality of Voter Fraud

Criticizing the media for denying the evidence of Joe Biden having dementia and spreading propaganda.

Caitlin Clark EXPOSES WNBA Hypocrisy in Race, Gender Issues

William Del Pilar discusses the ugly Caitlin Clark truths behind the scenes: the envy, jealousy, hypocrisy, bigotry, and even racism plaguing the WNBA.

Can Chase Oliver Unify Libertarians from Voting Donald Trump?

William Del Pilar welcomes guest Tyler Collins, chair of the Libertarian Party of San Diego, to help explain the factional clashes in the LP National.

Joe Biden Send Regards to "Butcher of Tehran!" | EP 24

William Del Pilar addresses divisive rhetoric, the treatment of veterans, and the Biden administration sending condolences to Iran for the "Butcher of Tehran."

BIG CHANGES at NFL Today, NIL Impact on College Sports | EP 83

William Del Pilar discusses the roster shake-up at the NFL Today. He also talks about the impact the N.I.L. has had on college sports.

The Assassin's Creed Controversy, and Seinfeld vs. Splicer

William Del Pilar addresses controversy surrounding the latest Assassins Creed, which features a black protagonist set in Japan. He also rants against D.E.I.

CAGOP Convention, Woke Judge, Migrant Drug Lord | Fired Up! | EP 23

William Del Pilar discusses the California Republican Party Convention, the issue of illegal immigration, and a teen gunman who was released on bail by a woke judge.

The Tom Brady Roast: Rating the Performances! | EP 82

William Del Pilar and Big John review the Tom Brady Roast. The duo review performances of both the comedians and the athletes, and discuss the nature of roasts.

GamerGate 2.0: DEI in Game Development | Grummz Controversy | Ep 13

Gamergate 2.0: Del Pilar and Atreus discuss the influence of politics in the gaming industry.

NFL Network Shake-Up, Kelce Likes Sage Steele, Lib 🤯MELTDOWN🤯 | EP 81

Sage Steele and her experience with cancel culture, Travis Kelce liking Steele's liking of Donald Trump, and the shake-up at the NFL Network.

WOKE Goes Down: Seinfeld Attacks and Quantum Leap Cancelled

Seinfeld Attacks political correctness, and the reboot of Quantum Leap is Cancelled

From Liberal Savior to Conservative Latino | Fired Up! - Ep 21

William Del Pilar shares his personal experiences and his passion for exposing hate.

NFL Draft 2024: Pro Scout Breaks it Down for YOU!

NFL Scout Rodrik Martin to break down some of the prospects of the 2024 NFL Draft, reveals what is in the minds of talent evaluators, and other insights into the draft process.

NFL Free Agency: Ranking the RB Moves | EP 79

William Del Pilar takes his decades of experience analyzing NFL players and uses it to rank the RB moves in NFL free agency so far.

Gilbert Arenas a Black Supremacist? | Sports Illustrated is DONE | RIP Ole Andersen | EP 77

Is Gilbert Arenas a black supremacist? Is Sports Illustrated done as a publication? Also, a farewell to wrestling legend Ole Andersen.

NFL Free Agency 2024 Winners & Losers

William Del Pilar gives his winners and losers in NFL free agency 2024, especially the quarterbacks.

“Rust” Armorer Trial, R.I.P. Tony Ganios, J.K. Rowling TRANS Controversy | EP 11

A look at the "Rust" armorer trial, the controversial remarks of J.K. Rowling, and remembers actor Tony Gainos from the iconic 80s movie Porky's.

Madame Web BLIND to Wokeism | Kunal Nanjiani TRAUMA | Comedians CANCELLED

A look at the Madame Web failure, Kunal Nanjiani's trauma, stand-up comedians getting cancelled, and more.

Russell Wilson Released, Sean Payton Legacy, RIP Chris Mortensen, and more! | EP 76

Russell Wilson's release and whether or not Sean Payton is an over-hyped coach. Also, memories of the late Chris Mortensen.

Trump TRIUMPH: Truth and SCOTUS Prevail! | Fired Up! Ep 20

In this episode of Fired Up!, Del Pilar looks at Donald Trump's SCOTUS victory which allows him to remain on all 50 state ballots.

GOP South Carolina Primary: Ugly Truths | Fired Up! | Ep 019

In this episode of Fired Up, Del Pilar discusses his experience at a libertarian convention and then delves into the South Carolina primary.

Andrew Hayes | GOP Candidate, California Primary for State Assembly District 75

An interview with Andrew Hayes | Candidate, California GOP Primary for State Assembly District 75

RWR EP 09: "King Charles" CANXED, RIP Carl Weathers, Toby Keith & Tracy Torme

William delves into the axing of "King Charles," and remembers the lives of actor Carl Weathers, screenwriter Tracy Torme, and country singer Toby Keith.

Fired Up! | Ep 17 | Donald Trump Triumphs, Nikki Haley Humiliated

Del Pilar looks at recent GOP primaries and caucuses. Can anything stop the Donald Trump Express?

Go Woke, Go Broke! | L.A. Times Layoffs | Fired Up! | EP 16

Del Pilar breaks down the massive layoffs at the LA Times, the news industry's decline due to liberal bias, as well as its lies and scandals.

A Deep Dive into the RGIII vs. Jay Gruden Beef

William Del Pilar takes a deep dive into the recent Robert Griffin III (RGIII) vs. Jay Gruden beef. Catch it!

Donald Trump Rolls in New Hampshire, Haley Hanging on by a Thread | Ep 15

Donald Trump 's big win in the New Hampshire primary, Nikki Haley's strategy the rest of the way, and whether or not anything can derail the Trump Train.

EP 13 - Donald Trump, Iowa Caucus results, Nikki Haley

The Conservative Latino, William Del Pilar, breaks down the Iowa Caucus results, reveals why he's #NeverNikki, and issues a warning to Donald Trump.

Ron DeSantis Drops Out, Haley Hangs On, Trump the Unifier? | Ep 14

Breaking down the reasons for Ron DeSantis dropping out, Nikki Haley hanging on by a thread, and can Donald Trump can unify the GOP?

In Memoriam 2023, Andrew Tate, Jada Pinkett Smith, SAG-AFTRA

The Rude Crew talks about controversial figures Andrew Tate and Jada Pinkett Smith, and looks back on the celebrities we lost in 2023.

Our Leave the World Behind Review, Jonathan Majors, The Marvels

In this episode of Red, White and Rude: Leave the World Behind review, the case of Jonathan Majors, and crow a bit over the woke disaster that is The Marvels.

Woke Reaction to Matt Rife, Kid Picks Fight with Rife, RIP Andre Braugher, and more!

In this episode of Red, White and Rude: Woke Reaction to Matt Rife. Also: a six-year-old’s "scandal", and a tribute to Andre Braugher.

Red, White and RUDE #3 - Elon Musk, Tommy Vext, "King Charles", more

This edition of Red, White & Rude: William and Shawn look at Elon Musk going off on Disney, Tommy Vext battling cancellation, the flop of "King Charles.", more

Red, White, and RUDE #2: Shannen Doherty, Fantastic Four, ADL Facts

This week's episode looks at the Fantastic Four reboot, Shannen Doherty, the new Karate Kid movie, ADL facts, and more.

Red, White, and RUDE (Ep. 01): Matthew Perry, Woke Disasters, and More!

Matthew Perry, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, woke superhero movies going belly up, and studios smearing critics of their woke agenda.

Fired Up! (Ep. 12) - Inside California GOP Politics (CAGOP)

Del Pilar is joined by Aaron Park and Karen Roseberry for an inside look at the CAGOP and conservatives' efforts to win back their party.

Points On The Board: NFL Rankings, Fantasy, NBA - Wembanyama, Lillard

Del Pilar welcomes Eddie Aparicio to discuss Victor Wembanyama, Damian Lillard, NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 3, and more.

Points on the Board - NFL Power Rankings for Week 4!

In this episode of Points on the Board, William Del Pilar releases his NFL Power Rankings heading into the Week 4 games.

Points On The Board: NFL Rankings, Fantasy, NBA - Wembanyama, Lillard

Del Pilar welcomes Eddie Aparicio to discuss Victor Wembanyama, Damian Lillard, NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 3, and more.

Points on the Board - NFL Power Rankings, Waiver Wire Moves, NBA, MLB, and COVID

Week 6 NFL Power Rankings, waiver wire moves, the NBA, baseball playoffs, William coming down with COVID, and more.

Fired Up - Hispanics: Progressive Affirmative Action Props

Del Pilar is joined by Young Voices contributor Garion Frankel, to discuss the causes and effects of the leftist affirmative action cult.

Points on the Board - Fantasy Football Preview 2023

Points on the Board welcomes old friend Scott "The King" Engel for a fantasy football preview of the 2023 season. Great insights from two fantasy football OGs!

Fired Up - Tucker Carlson CONQUERS New Media

Del Pilar is joined by James Czerniawski, a Senior Policy Analyst at Americans for Prosperity, to discuss Tucker Carlson and the continued emergence of New Media.


My life journey has led me to incredible adventures and taught me that success is attainable by applying life lessons to business, community involvement, and politics. As a service member, volunteer, entrepreneur, and elected member in my small community, I share stories to inspire and show that success is within reach for everyone.

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