I am a firm believer in the attitude, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Why? Because I’ve endured the challenges of military training, succeeded while working for a nonprofit organization, and as an entrepreneur, built teams of employees whom I view as my extended family. My teams know I will push them to give me above and beyond 100% and that I will teach them and mold them into future thinkers, managers and leaders.

In 1997, I saw a demand for fantasy sports and brought together the team that built one of the first fantasy companies in a soon to be multibillion-dollar industry. Setting up B2B, B2C content and services with online advertising, I helped shape the fantasy sports industry, resulting in multiple revenue streams, business and writing awards, fantasy championships and profitability.

I am proud to have begun KFFL.com with a simple, yet creative idea. Launching from home with few amenities but enthusiasm and drive to get up and running we were kfflbarahead of our time with analytics and news focusing on players, not teams. Combined with quality content and a growing online community we created an immediate impact and were overnight leaders in the fantasy sports industry. Within ten years of existence, I sold KFFL.com, now owned by USA TODAY, a Gannett company, and set my sights on helping other companies achieve what I had accomplished.

KFFL.com was also a founding member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, the international organization dedicated to advancing the fantasy sports business industry. Member companies range from small startups to large media corporations and provides demographic data, annual conferences and collective action including lobbying.

My Career:

Learning the nuances of a small business began with the San Diego Chapter Alzheimer’s Association. My role was to manage and help develop events and fundraisers while also moving the organization forward technologically. I was in charge of updating the association’s computer systems by building a network, bringing an antiquated database to modern standards and creating and maintaining an Internet presence.

The biggest impact in my life was the United States Navy. I learned how to deal with various levels of management and clearly understand the differences between what our country offers versus the rest of the world. Through the USN, learning – the hard way at times – responsibility, accountability, and the importance of working in a team environment, with other lessons I developed an expertise in leadership.

As someone who grew up around the Third World of Panama with relatives and friends living under the rule of dictators Omar Torrijos then Manuel Noriega I appreciate what I have. The freedom and advantages America gives us pushes and strengthens my work ethic to take advantage of the opportunities we have. I am living the American dream and believe it is my responsibility to give back. As a volunteer, I’ve been a bilingual teacher’s aide, an interpreter, served on board of directors, political activist and continue my growth to be a better human being.

These experiences drive my enthusiasm, passion and belief that life is a journey, make it an adventure!

For those on LinkedIn, feel free to connect with me at:https://www.linkedin.com/in/williamdelpilar.