William Del Pilar

William Del Pilar
My Latino culture never came before being American, growing up. Until I got to college and left my diverse town of Fayetteville, NC, or “Fayettenam,” as we call it, I was oblivious to culture. My culturally diverse friends would probably say I never mentioned culture or race. We were friends, and race didn’t matter to us. Some didn’t even realize I was Latino.

I am Latino, Puerto Rican and Panamanian. I speak, read, and write Spanish. I grew up speaking Spanglish, but English is the predominant language as I went to American schools, as most American citizens do. I spoke English at school and Spanish at home. It was easier because my mother barely knew English. I’m conservative with libertarian leanings.
William Del Pillar
William Del Pillar
I am a firm believer in the belief, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Why? Because I’ve endured the challenges of military training, succeeded while working for a nonprofit organization, and as an entrepreneur, built teams of employees whom I viewed as my extended family. I push individuals to give me above and beyond 100%, teaching them and molding them into future thinkers, managers, and leaders.

My family and friends understand I don’t sugarcoat the truth. I’m not the friend who’ll agree to agree because we’re friends. I consider my friends as family, and I speak the unvarnished truth.

Ironically, I’m also a former, elected politician in my small community. As a politician, I learned most don’t care about or listen to the people they represent, but merely use their positions to push their beliefs. They view their constituents as too dimwitted, and some outright don’t care about their constituents, putting party and ideology first. I realized this firsthand and realized most are beholden and loyal to their donor base, not their constituents.

I joined the US Navy to broaden my horizons and develop discipline and responsibility. I visited nearly every country in Central and South America and the Caribbean, and after receiving an honorable discharge and appreciating the opportunities America gave us, I pursued higher education. I became a “Dean’s List” student and earned my degree.

I gained valuable experience running a small business through the San Diego Chapter Alzheimer’s Association. During my time there, I organized events and fundraisers and helped modernize the organization’s technology. Specifically, I oversaw the update of the association’s computer systems and created, managed, and maintained the website. Despite the challenges that come with working for a non-profit, we were able to achieve significant success.

However, I soon realized that I wanted more freedom as that became important. Therefore, I decided to become a full-time entrepreneur and part of a small group of businesses, pioneering and commercializing the fantasy sports industry.

We became a leading source for fans, agents, general managers, reporters, and players. I blazed a trail through television and radio, too. Despite challenges, we persevered, becoming an industry leader and generating significant traffic, eventually selling.

My life experiences helped shape my American dream, but the political bug hit me. My journey is not over, and there are many adventures left.

My life journey has led me to incredible adventures and taught me that success is attainable by applying life lessons to business, community involvement, and politics. As a service member, volunteer, entrepreneur, and elected member in my small community, I share stories to inspire and show that success is within reach for everyone.

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