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Mike Sando

Senior Writer, The Athletic

William's role as a pioneer in facilitating information for the fantasy sports industry through KFFL brought us together more than a decade ago, when I was a beat reporter for the Tacoma News Tribune and served as a correspondent for the site. KFFL became a go-to destination for detailed, well-organized and timely news on NFL players at a time when such information was difficult to find. KFFL was way ahead of the curve in that regard.

Ryan R. Bonini

Digital Plumber

If a pie chart of William Del Pilar was created, it would be equal parts: Visionary, mentor, creative, big brother, passionate, cheerleader and pit bull. He gives his entire being to whatever he dives into and has a knack for finding quick, creative solutions to any roadblock or challenge regardless of how insurmountable it may seem. Data-driven, business and bottom-line savvy, William knows how to cut through red tape to accomplish greatness while generating win-win relationships at every turn. His winning body of work isn't a testament to being in the fantasy sports digital world for almost two decades, it's a product of his passion, hard work, blood, sweat and tears. William would be an asset to any company he is involved with and would propel them to new heights of success.

Ron Shandler

National baseball analyst

It was no surprise when William got involved with Fantasy Sports Ventures because, at their core was the message that he always lives by: Grow the Industry. That passion is what led him to me and helped convince me to become a part of FSV as well. But William sets a higher bar because he also possesses a level of integrity you don't often find in upper management. Perhaps this is the best way to describe him: When I gave my acceptance speech for being inducted into the Fantasy Sports Writers Hall of Fame, William came up to me afterwards and said, "Nice speech, but in all your "thank yous" you forgot to thank your wife." (Thankfully, she's forgiven me.) He's got his values in the right place.

Dale Kivimaki

President at Freestyle Productions, Inc

In two simple words William "Gets It." Plain and simple. William is able to distill down elements of big projects and focus on the parts that need consideration. William has been forthright and ethical in all of my dealings with him. I would work with him again if the opportunity arose.

Nan Wang

Founder, operator, investor, home cook.

There's a reason why roads exist - they clearly outline a proven path to get from point A to point B. In entrepreneurship, the same concept holds true, but instead of roads, there are case studies and examples of best practices set forth by those who have previously achieved success. As a fellow entrepreneur in the fantasy sports space, I have been lucky to get to know William as a friend, and to learn from his successes at KFFL. I reached out to William without an introduction, and yet he generously found the time to meet and offer his advice for what we were working on. His passion for the industry is unrivaled, and his genuine desire to help mentor others highlights his selflessness and strength of character. I can not recommend William highly enough.

Scott Engel

Versatile award-winning content director

William is one of the true groundbreakers and pioneers in our industry. His football knowledge is top notch and he also has always been one of the most ardent and active people on the business side of the industry. He will be a great asset to anyone looking for an experienced, multi-faceted top professional.

Ryan Dodson

Sports Writer at USA Today/KFFL.com

Fearless, relentless, leader, honest. These are words I feel that best describe William. He used his life experience and instilled it into his cohorts. It was important for them to see the "big picture" because he saw a little bit of himself in us and tried to apply his experience, his trials/tribulations into our techniques. He's a leader and will tell you how it is. A lot of people try to sugar coat certain things or shy away from tense situations. I think William lived for those situations in our years working together. He never met a deadline he wasn't willing to exhaust himself to meet. Every situation was a challenge he was going to conquer. While he's freakishly determined for success, he was also first in line to go to bat for you. He taught me a lot about life. He's also exceptional at networking and branching out a brand. I remember walking into a fantasy sports convention in Las Vegas fresh out of college and greener than grass. He introduced me to half the room in an hour. He made me exit my shell and realize the moment is now for you to own it. If there's a way to push you, he will find it. He showed me there's no place for complacency in this or any business. In the end, William is someone you want in your figurative foxhole.

Emil Kadlec

Owner, Fantasy Sports Publications, Inc.

William Del Pilar makes an immediate impression when you meet him. Whether as an entrepreneur or executive, he refuses to accept failure and believes in creating a quality service and product that gives his clients the best chance to succeed.

I have known William since his start in the fantasy sports industry and his impact in this industry was immediate. Whether it was his player news format that revolutionized the industry or his impressive finishes within my own magazines (multiple "Masters Forecast Expert Poll" championships) he strives to be the best.

William’s been an advertiser and writer for my magazines and thinks outside-the-box. He goes to his own beat ignoring popular trends and playing it safe but won’t take a risk without calculating the pros and cons. It made him a leader in the industry with KFFL.com and a leader in B2B content partnerships.

William’s trait to be “frank” is a welcome change because he’ll tell you the truth and not what you want to hear. In today’s competitive world his ability to be forthright, honest and usually correct is a trait I admire and have enjoyed in our relationship as a peer and friend. William will always make a tremendous asset to any team or project.

Rick Wolf

Creative Entrepreneur Specializing in Fantasy Sports

William is an energetic, creative entrepreneur & pioneer of the $5 Billion Fantasy Sports Industry. As a co-founder of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, I have worked with William on and off for the last 17 years and tried to emulate his spirit, guidance, intelligent choices and most important his treatment and mentoring of others. His passion for always pursuing what is right was born with his service in the Navy. It is a rare person who is built on honor, valor, intelligence and compassion for the growth of others but also has swift decision making skills to drive successful businesses.

Wayne Sieve

Digital media executive working at the intersection of sports, media, and technology.

William was a great partner of ours when I was at Yahoo Sports. To this day, he still holds the record for the quickest deal cycle I've had for getting a deal done. From first contact to inked contract, it was about 1 hour. The deal lasted for years and was a valuable collaboration for both sides. I'd happily work with William again.

Raymond A.

Data Scientist

William was a disruptor in the fantasy sports industry! We worked together for six years at KFFL Fantasy Sports, where he was not only running the company but my editor.

What I will always remember about William aside from being a qualified editor was the high degree of business savvy that he brought to a small, Internet-focused media company. William ensured that his writers understood how to write for an audience and how to write for a new medium: the World Wide Web. Today these ideas are often taken for granted because the Internet now touches so many facets of our daily lives, but from 1997-2003 these approaches were still nascent. William's ability to recognize, implement, and teach these concepts to his staff was a large reason why KFFL was able to compete with larger, established media companies and why KFFL was a disruptor in fantasy sports analysis.

The skills imparted by William and by his partner at KFFL, Ryan Bonini, have really helped me along my career path, as learning how to deliver the right message to the right audience in the right manner has proven invaluable. I continue to apply many of these lessons to this day. With his combination of a positive attitude, business savvy, and strong communication skills, I have no doubt that William will continue to excel in his next endeavor while elevating everyone around him as a mentor.

Ted Kasten

Founder, DraftAnalyzer, LLC

When I entered the fantasy sports industry, William Del Pilar was approachable and took the time to speak to me at an early FSTA conference without a second thought. I knew he was one of the key industry leaders and had started one of the most successful news sites, so I was very happy to get his time. We spoke at length about the industry, the difficulties and ways to overcome it. William’s reputation to willingly sit down and speak to new organizations and offer proven advice was never more in form than that day.

A year or two later KFFL.com became a B2B partner of mine and William always made sure his staff communicated with me to make sure we were on the same page and our business relationship remained strong. He was always willing to make sure any technical issues were addressed immediately and kept my organization abreast of both positive and negative reactions to my product. William was a great, honest and upfront partner from start to finish.

William is a clear thinker, using proven methods with common sense yet always looking to think outside the box to provide his clients and customers a proven product they can count on for success. Wherever and whatever William does, there’s no doubt he will make the company and their services an industry leader.

Glenn Colton

Partner at Arent Fox, Government Enforcement/White Collar and Sports Practices

William has distinguished himself in many ways but two deserve specific mention. First and foremost he dedicated a part of his life to serving this nation and protecting what we all hold dear. He deserves our thanks and praise for his service.

In business, William was an early leader in helping make the fantasy sports industry what it is today. His key role should not be overlooked or forgotten. I am glad he is staying in the business and bringing his energies back to helping keep the industry what it has become.

I look forward to seeing what William achieves in his next venture!

Keith Schleiden

Digital media editor

It is rare to find someone as passionate and knowledgeable about a subject as William is about the fantasy sports industry. He was a fantastic hire who added a new dimension to PFW’s fantasy football coverage. He always delivered quality content on time, and helped improve our product by making sound suggestions. William was a valuable asset to PFW during his tenure with the organization.

James Serra

Big Data/Data Warehouse Evangelist at Microsoft

I have known William since the very early days of the Internet, when Fantasy Football was in its infancy. He started one of the first fantasy football sites, KFFL, which was always the best player news source and is the gold standard for news today. William worked with me as I formed the FSTA as a pioneer to help shape the industry and make sure the voice of smaller and mid-size companies weren’t drowned out by the corporate companies. William was also savvy enough to extend the brand and the revenue of KFFL by developing B2B relationships via syndication of KFFL's content to the larger companies. You won't find a more dedicated and hard working person!

Eric McClung

Contributor at RotoUnderworld

William has been an excellent coach and mentor to me. His experience and knowledge of the fantasy sports industry is unparalleled. His opinions, advice, and motivation have helped me to open a number of doors and find some exciting opportunities. William is always available and won't shy away from getting right down to the truth. Any company affiliated with William will gain a proven mentor, entrepreneur, manager and leader. KFFL.com is a testament to his ability to build and create success.

Bob Harris

Senior Editor at FSP, Inc

Determined, diligent, efficient, effective and innovative are the words that best describe William Del Pilar. I've been working with/competing against William since he jumped into the fantasy football industry in 1996. His company at the time, KFFL.com, despite joining an already-crowded and competitive marketplace, made an immediate impact. Among the most impressive aspects of William's tenure there was the development of the site's "Hot Off the Wire" news wire. Over time -- and in hindsight, this was accomplished much more quickly than it had any right to be, William built a network of sources that set not only an industry-wide benchmark, but something that transcended the fantasy football world to become the standard across a broader swath of mainstream news outlets and the NFL itself. William was the driving force behind this and numerous other innovations during his time at KFFL.com. In addition, William has earned a reputation as an effective communicator, which serves him well as both a writer and consultant in the fantasy football field today. Overall, William's tenacity in achieving goals sets him apart in a field teeming with go-getters. I fully recommend William to any fantasy football concern looking to add to their business or creative staffs.

Tim Heaney

Web Manager at The Game Day. Are You In? Versatile sports content marketer and publisher.

Once you meet William, it's impossible to forget his powerful joviality.

My three-plus years of working for him at KFFL, my first full-time job out of college, couldn't have proven more productive. William's acumen for analysis, leadership and perseverance -- bred from his true-life American Dream story and military background -- shone through in his boundless energy and focus.

William was always willing to help with any quandary, in or out of the office -- even when we needed a standout Super Bowl party.

His guidance helped me tap into a deeper level of efficiency and confidence in my vocation and, in general, myself, which I'll always appreciate.

It's hard to imagine William not succeeding in any endeavor he chooses to master.

Eddie Aparicio

Key Account Manager, Silicon Labs

I met William in 2002 at the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) conferences when I was co-owner of Commishkit.com. He was considered one of the more influential members of the FSTA because of his enthusiasm, passion, and commitment to excellence. At the time he was co-founder of KFFL, a fantasy sports website that provided news and information on players and teams in order to give a competitive advantage to its users. For years KFFL was considered one of the top fantasy football, information and content providers in the industry and much of this notoriety was due to William’s contribution and influence in the company. It was because of his success that I reached out to William to help me network with other companies in the FSTA. William’s knowledge and experience proved to be successful in helping both CommishKit.com and in my efforts to help promote a friend of mine, Stephania Bell, become the injury analyst she is today at ESPN.

William was the first to give Stephania Bell her first break in the industry because he had the vision to see the potential in the injury analyst position, which is now a proven position and commodity in the fantasy sports industry. William hired Stephania as a writer on the KFFL staff where she showcased her talents. His mentorship and vision proved to be invaluable as this ultimately served as the launching pad for Stephania’s budding Injury Analyst career at ESPN.

William is a man of great passion, drive, vision, and determination. His attributes are what any company would value and desire on their staff. I highly recommend William for any organization who is looking for a leader, a visionary, and a man of many talents.

Cory J. Bonini

Senior Fantasy Editor at USA TODAY Sports Media Group

A dedicated manager, William is as fair as he is demanding. He recognizes unique managerial methods to maximize the most out of an employee's potential. I was always challenged in stimulating ways to be a better manager and employee under my six years of working for William. He was sure to keep his employees' best interests at heart when making decisions impactful toward their occupational future and well-being, even encouraging external upward mobility of their career paths. You don't see that every day from a boss! I always appreciated that he included me in the hiring process of would-be colleagues and sought my opinion regarding other important matters. Due to his keen aptitude for juggling a thriving business and devotion to taking the time to personally assist in employees' development as managers, William's influence has been vital to my success in the workplace and felt after leaving his tutelage. He has my full endorsement for any company looking to hire someone with proven business-building acumen and the rare trait of being a tireless cultivator of successful personnel.

Nicholas Minnix

Writer and Editor

Few people have the drive to motivate and sense of integrity that William Del Pilar does. I worked as a managing editor under the supervision of William, then general manager of KFFL.com, for approximately a year and a half and later received his guidance throughout his two years as consultant to KFFL.com’s then parent company, Fantasy Sports Ventures. His command of a room and ability to diagnose as well as resolve a problem while facing a deadline were inspiring. As a product of KFFL.com’s native writer and editor program, for which William was the staunchest advocate, I have firsthand knowledge of its benefits. Those included the development of industry-leading content and a robust core staff as well as continuity and loyalty within the company. And, boy, is he passionate about doing what is right. As a team leader and entrepreneur, William has my earnest recommendation.